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Our Etna, California Laundromat

Open to the public, our Etna, CA Laundromat is comfortable and clean. We’re open 6am – 8pm.

Make your trip to our laundromat in Etna, California quick and easy with our high-efficiency washing machines and high-capacity dryers.

Our clean and comfortable facilities are made so you can enjoy your time at our laundromat… whether you’ve got several loads of wash, or just a few things to freshen up.

• Access hours are 6:00 am to 8:00 pm daily

• Card-Operated machines perfect for any load capacity

• Regularly inspected and maintained for peak performance

• Open to the public, not just Etna RV Park guests

• Office staff available to help if you have any questions

• Safe and secure monitored facility with staff members coming and going all day.

• Vending machine to enjoy a snack until your laundry is ready.


The inside of our laundromat in Etna, CA showing front-loading washers & dryers.
Entrance to our laundromat that's open to the public.
Our Etna, California Laundry is clean and comfortable